Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Boy Bed

We moved Wyatt into a full size bed last Thursday. His crib is a convertible crib, and he has been in the toddler bed for the past 6 months. He loves his new big boy bed. He carried around a screwdriver the whole time Joe was converting it, and he kept saying "helping Daddy build my big boy bed". He was very proud, and is very excited. He is doing well with it so far. He has not gotten out of bed near as much as he did with the toddler bed, which is very nice for us. Wyatt and I are getting ready to go to Florida for a long weekend with my parents to visit my Grandfather. We are driving there with my parents, but will be flying home just Wyatt and I. I am excited for Wyatt's first time on a plane, but am very nervous to fly without Joe or another adult with us. He has been so funny lately. The other day he was watching basketball and Joe changed the channel, and he said "hey, I wanted to watch basketball". We just laughed. He continues to use the potty to pee in occasionally but we haven't started any formal potty training yet. Here are some pics of his new big boy bed and a few from the past month. I will be sure to post some pics from Florida and his first plane ride. Bye for now.