Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Mexico Beach Vacation

Well, we are back from our vacation. We had a great time, and as always, the week seemed to fly by. I love sunny beach days so it was a little disappointing when it was overcast, windy and even a little chilly a few of the days we were there,but the other days made up for it. Wyatt was not a fan of the ocean. I think the sound of the waves maybe scared him a little. He loved playing in the sand though. He seemed to like the pool okay, but he would sign all done after being in his floaty after a few minutes. Like most things these days, i.e.swings, the wagon, etc...he would much rather be on the go running around then trapped in something. Wyatt just loves being outside, and he enjoyed running outside all over the place. We went out to dinner a few times, and we went for a boat ride in the Gulf. We parked at a Sandbar and hung out off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico for a while, and Wyatt had such a good time splashing in the water. He was such a good boy all week, but I think he was excited to be home. Here are some pictures of our trip. Bye for now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Trevor and Quick Recap of the Past Few Weekends.

I am so behind in blogging and I'm sorry. I feel like I have been so busy lately, and I promise I will try and do better. This past weekend we celebrated Trevor Morgan's first birthday. We all had a great time. Trevor and Wyatt don't know it yet but they have years of friendship ahead of them. My Meemaw(Wyatt's late great grandmother) and Trevor's late Great Grandfather grew up together during the summers at Yellow Creek Lake followed by the next generation of both their Grandma's and then the following generation; their Mommies. Wyatt and Trevor will be fourth generation friends spending fun summer days at Yellow Creek. Trevor really dug into his cake,
and Wyatt enjoyed his too; thankfully not as messily.
Wyatt even helped Trevor open his presents. Happy First Birthday Trevor James Morgan. We Love You!!!
A few weeks ago we went to the zoo with Wyatt's other buddy Blake and his parents. They had fun and were very tired little boys when we left. That night we all cooked out and Dani and her parents came over. Here are a few pictures of Wyatt from the night.

Dani and Wyatt love to kiss is so cute. Don't forget about us, and check back periodically. The past few weeks have been busy. Wyatt has had a couple of playdates with Dani and Mommy had a playdate with her sorority sisters in Chicago. Wyatt went to the zoo again yesterday with Grandma and Mommy-we had so much fun. I will try and be a better blogger-I promise. Bye for now.