Monday, December 29, 2008

Don't Forget About Us

I'm on Joe's work computer right now. Our current computer is at the doctor hopefully getting fixed so we don't have to buy a new one. I will post Christmas pics as soon as I get our computer back. Please check back soon. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Bye for now.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

9 Months is So Much Fun

Wyatt is so fun right now. He is on the move all the time. He is obsessed with walking behind this push toy. He's cruising, and trying to pull himself up onto anything. It's by far his favorite thing right now. I tried to post a video, but my computer is acting up. He has even tried to stand up from all fours. He hasn't gotten it yet though. FYI-we are getting a new computer after Christmas and I will be able to post more then. It has been hard with our virus laden computer. Anyways, back to Wyatt. Here are a few pics of him and Hunter in their Santa hats. You will see that neither one of them liked it very much. The plan was to get Daisy too, but for those of you know Daisy know that is a very daunting task. He loves the dogs so much, and gets so excited when he sees them. He starts shaking and saying day day or da when they come to the door.
We are getting very excited for Christmas around here. Wyatt went to the mall to see Santa. He didn't cry, but he didn't smile either. Sorry I haven't posted much. I promise I will post more videos as soon as we get our new computer. Bye for now, and we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday if you don't talk to us before then.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Nine Month/Christmas Pictures

Wyatt had his nine month/Christmas pics on Saturday. He was such a good boy, and the pictures turned out great. They were so good, we ended up with six poses :)
I've posted a few for you to see. We will have lots of pictures for friends and family at Christmas. He had his nine month appointment today. He is 31 inches long(>97th percentile)and 22.12 pounds(90th percentile). He was such a good boy at the doctor as well. He was talking and smiling at everyone in the waiting room. He had to get two catch up shots today, and didn't cry for either. He is such a big boy. He is at such a fun age. He is into everything. It is very hard to wrap presents when Wyatt is around. He also has found that he likes to play in the dog water as well. Also, I really think he has said Daisy a few times or at least it sounds just like it :) Everytime the dogs come to the door from being outside he says the same thing and it sounds like day day and sometimes daisy. He's trying to pull himself up on everything. The other day I was watching him on the video monitor and I suddenly saw his little eyes and the video started shaking. The little stinker had grabbed the video cord, so we will probably have to end up moving that. He is hilarious in his walker. He moves so fast in it that we really don't let him use it much. He runs over our toes or the dogs or into walls.

Monday, December 1, 2008

On the Move

My little stinkerbug finally figured out how to creep forward. It was beginning to seem like he was never going to, but last Tuesday when Mom was watching him he took off after cheerios. I don't know why I never thought of that. As much as Wyatt loves to eat, getting him to go after food was a great idea! He is much happier now that he can get where he wants to go. It was frustrating when he was going backwards, he always got farther away from what he was after. He went after Hunter's bone a couple of times. I'm sure there is much more of that to come. He is still happiest on his feet. He always wants to stand, and has been that way since about three months old. When he figures out the whole walking thing, I know he will be ecstatic. He is saying ma ma a lot now too, which I love. He also has five teeth now. His third tooth on the bottom popped through, and he's working on a fourth on the bottom as well. He had a wonderful Thanksgiving. He loves to feed himself these days, and is much more into that than babyfood. On Thanksgiving he had some turkey, noodles, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and a couple bites of Pumpkin Pie. He had so much fun playing with the other kids. He was having so much fun, we couldn't get him to bed. On Friday we headed up to Lafayette for more family time. He had a very fun weekend. FYI-this is my second post today so don't miss the other one. Bye for now.

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

Today is December 1st, and I am so excited for Christmas. I love the holidays, and this year I love them even more because we are able to share them with Wyatt. We put up our Christmas tree yesterday. We put our smaller tree up this year, but Wyatt doesn't seem to mind.Wyatt likes the pretty lights. We had our first snow also. Wyatt loves it outside, so I bundled him up to go out in the snow. >He was so bundled up that he kept falling backwards. He would like to stay out there all day, but we weren't out very long. He did taste his first snowball though. Wyatt is crawling forward now, and I've been trying to upload a video all day. I will post again as soon as I get it uploaded. Bye for now.