Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I know these are long overdue, but I wanted to post some pictures from the past couple of months. We had a really wonderful holiday season and, I was somewhat sad for it to be over. Time is flying, and Wyatt will be two in 6 short weeks, and I have already started planning. I'm thinking since we had a big shindig last year, we are going to try and keep it somewhat small this year so we can have it at home. Wyatt is really into trucks, so we are having a truck; specifically a dumptruck party. I'm very excited and I've already started planning. He is so much fun right now. He is so inquisitive lately. He is always asking "Mommy where did that car come from" or "Mommy what is that semitruck doing?" His newest thing is "yeah" which is most appreciative instead of the no we hear a million times a day, but we are trying to get him to say yes. He is wanting to be more independent and do everything himself...my little baby is growing up. Not much is new here...just loving every single minute with our Wy Man. Enjoy the pictures.