Saturday, September 26, 2009

18 months

This post is a couple of weeks late...sorry. Wyatt has grown up so much in the last few months. For starters, he decided to climb out of his crib the other day and is now in a toddler bed. He has done very well, with a few minor glitches...knock on wood. He continues to talk up a storm and is starting to put three word sentences together like Mommy lay down or Daddy pick up or MeMe get it. I am amazed everyday at the new things he learns. He is so much fun right now except for the daily toddler tantrums but we are working through those. He is all boy right now. He still loves books and sports and any type of ball, but he is also obsessed with any type of transportation; choo choo trains, big trucks, school busses, and fire trucks. School busses are probably his favorite right now. He also loves animals and knows mostly all of them by name now. Sesame Street is also one of his favorites right now. He knows all of them by name, and likes to watch them. Sesame Street is the only show he shows any interest in right now. He says Go Purdue now and makes Mommy and Daddy very proud. He has become even more of a picky eater. I cannot get him to eat one vegetable and he won't eat meat. He loves dairy, fruits and starches. He continues to love Hunter and Daisy and is nice to them most of the time. He will yell at them and tell them no if they try to get his toys or his food(if it's something he really likes). Here are some of his 18 month pictures that we had taken. Our neighbor Beth is a wonderful photographer. She was so patient with him and followed him around at the park. She even took some pics of him in Daddy's truck because he loves it in there. Her website is if anyone is interested. He loves to drive, and that is actually where we got a few of our favorite pictures. We also started saying our prayers at night and he puts his hands together and says Amen. It's precious. I continue to thank God everynight for making me his Mommy. I love him so much and have enjoyed the past 18 months more than I could ever express. Bye for now.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The River and Indiana Beach

Two weeks ago we went to the River with some of our best friends. The weather was a little chilly, but we still had fun, and Wyatt enjoyed playing with Blake, Dani and Sophie. Mommy and Daddy had fun too! We played games, hung out outside all day and ended the day for the kiddos at least with smores.

The next day we headed to Indiana Beach with Ryan, Susan and Dani. Dani and Wyatt had a blast. They rode all the rides in kiddy land and even rode their favorite twice. They are too cute together. Enjoy the pics.

Oh, and here are some pics from one of our visits to the State Fair. Wyatt loved the petting zoo.

Bye for now!