Monday, July 20, 2009

Quick Update and Pics From the Last Month

I am such a bad blogger. This is going to be a random post of pictures over the last month or so and a quick update on my Wy Guy. As you all know, I am so head over heels crazy about my little man. He is soooo much fun, and if I don't say myself pretty darn cute and smart. He continues to talk up a storm and his vocabulary improves daily with new words. He will repeat almost everything you ask him to say and says many things quite well. He has recently starting saying berry, grape and apple. He also says a few numbers; mainly two, five and nine. He continues to be a good eater; but the little stinker will hardly eat any vegetables. His Mommy is a Dietitian and she doesn't like this very well. He is such a good sleeper now. He can point out several animals like horse, frog, dog, kitty, duck, bird, fish and some randoms. He knows his animal sounds well and his body parts. He knows his nose, head, ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, hand, toes, ankles, knees and just learned shoulder today. Oh, and I can't forget his pee pee and ba ba for bottom. He is so happy except when you stop him from doing something he wants to do; he throws a little fit. He calls me Mommy now and Joe Daddy, but I've noticed when he's sad or wants something; anyone is Mommy. Well there's my recap of the last month. Enjoy the pics and the video of him on his new four wheeler. Bye for now!